Sample question about your company?

All-Star Hosts

All-Star Hosts are the most experienced and responsive hosts on Turo and now we are doing the same with Our own Company. We are  outstanding hosts an have completed at least 363 trips in the last year, and consistently go the extra mile, earning excellent reviews from guests.

You earned 354 five-star ratings out of 360 rated trips.

High five! We will continually go the extra mile and give you our guests the five star treatment.

Response Rate ?

Response rate 100%

We responded to 380 out of 380 requests. Responding to all trip requests showing We engaged  and inspires confidence in guests.

Caring for our Costumer?

Cleaning & disinfection is our 1# Priority.

As host we have  completed training on enhanced cleaning and disinfection practices that use the latest recommendations compiled from the CDC, EPA, WHO, and vehicle detailing experts. This is why we offer free carwash services. Just ask us about it.

Acceptance Rate and Commitment Rate ?

Acceptance rate 99% 

You accepted 378 out of 380 requests.

We have Accepted trips often not only boosting your earnings, but also showing  guests that are serious about what we do.

Commitment rate 99%

You honored 363 out of 367 trips.

Great hosting! We have Honor every trip that was we accepted which  keeps our guests’ plans on track and supports an outstanding guest experience.

If you have more questions feel free to contact us!